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Most Important Features

C ontrol panel is used in all of our servers. It allows users to manage their sites in very easy maners. Editing files, managing databases, creating addon domains and subdomains are all easily done after logging into the system.

S oftaculous autoinstaller allows users to install Wordpress or any other CMS to their website within a few seconds. Up to date, this is the easiest way of creating a website to support your business or personal blog.

2 4/7 availability of our support staffs to make sure that all support tickets are resolved as soon as possible. Typically, problems are resolved within 5-15 minutes after we receive all relevant information from the user.

A utomatic monitoring system allows us to immediately identify problems to your websites so that our technical staffs can fix it as fast as possible. Websites on our servers rarely have any problem.

D aily backup configuration helps improve the safety and security for our users' data. We have redundant backups to different locations to make sure that users never lost any data.

E nterprise server hardware to boost the speed for customers' websites. Customers should never have to worry about websites' performance that can negatively affect SEO and visitors.

3 0-day money back guaranteed. Clients have nothing to worry when trying out our service. We will give full refund to any client who is not happy with our service within 30 days of ordering.

F ree account migration. If you are currently hosting your sites with another provider, we can do a free account migration to our server. You just need to open a support ticket to let us know.